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CLA Community Mailings makes the process of bulk mailing very easy.

The typical process includes a few simple steps:

1. Preliminary consultation.
We work with you to ensure that your postcard, newsletter, annual report or other mail piece is eligible for bulk mailing.


2. Send us your list of addresses.
In order to generate labels or direct print, we will need your database of addresses (typically an Excel file). It is important that your database be as accurate as possible to avoid delivery errors and fees. Note: You can also print your own labels and provide them to us.


3. Our team will get to work!
We will arrange for drop off or pick up of your printed materials. Depending on your needs, our team of workers can fold, stuff, seal, tab and label them. Our services always include the personal touch of attaching an actual stamp.


4. Off to the Post Office.
We sort, bundle and bring the mail to the Post Office for delivery. Bulk mail is typically delivered in 2-9 working days. After the pieces have been mailed, the Postal Service will notify you of any address corrections. Note: The Post Office charges a small fee for incorrect addresses, so it is best to have your list as accurate as possible!

Our services are provided on a very reasonable cost per piece basis. Contact us for a free quote.


  Wendy Benson

Thanks, Wendy! That was a quick turn around. I'm excited to see the finished products. Mark has spoken so highly of the quality of your work and your dependable service. - Leslie B

SuperPages Review:
5 Star ReviewCLA mailed our letters the same day and we didn't have to do a thing. It's nice that they give work to people who need it, a real win-win situation. We'll use them again.

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