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So much work... so little time!

Whether you're looking for assistance with mailing, office work or production, CLA can help with your project.

For mailings...

Many organizations pay full retail postage without realizing that with 200 or more 'like' pieces, they could be mailing at Bulk (now called Marketing) Mail rates.

CLA Community Mailings can save you time and money by preparing your pieces for mailing.

Retail Mail
or "single-piece" mail, is the regular mail that is sent at full retail price

Example: Letters mailed with 55¢ stamp

  Marketing (Bulk) Mail
refers to larger quantities of mail (200+ pieces) sent at a discounted price*

Example: Letters bulk mailed for as low as 27¢ (non-profits) or 37¢ (businesses)

Our mail preparation services include assembly; collation, folding, stuffing, sealing, labeling, tabbing and stamping. If you'd rather assemble your own pieces, we can sort, bundle, provide postage and do the USPS paperwork for your ready-to-mail projects. What ever you need, we can do! The process is very simple and 48 hour turn around is always our goal.

Best of all, the work is performed by adults who face significant challenges to employment. Changing Lives and Attitudes is at the core of our mission.

* Why are rates discounted for Marketing mail? We're glad you asked! Mail sent at Marketing (Bulk) rates is prepared in a way that saves time and money for the Postal Service and those savings are passed on to you. Properly prepared mailings have up to date addressing, proper placement of mail piece 'face' information, correct tabbing (when needed) and content not required to mail at 1st class rates. There are other requirements for oversized or irregular envelopes which you can find on our informational tab; be sure to check out the mailing resources.

Office help is always welcome...

CLA can help get the job done, saving your staff time and your organization money.

Our office services include, but are not limited to assembly of packets and conference materials, affixing seals and wafers, collating, gluing, ink and rubber stamping, making name badges and shredding. Really, the sky is the limit ~ what can we do for you?

Our production services are the best!

Your project will be completed by people who take pride in their work.

If you need kit assembly, unskilled, repetitive or hand assembly projects completed CLA can provide the help you need. Whether packaging, bagging, closing, filling, heat sealing, labeling, sorting, taping, wrapping or other such work, we're here for you. If you have custom work that needs doing, we are happy to talk it through and see if we can meet your business needs.


  Bulk Mail Services

As the owner of a design agency, my relationship with CLA has been a valuable asset. They provide insight into postal requirements and best practices for designing a mail piece. Our clients are continually pleased with the money they save by mailing with CLA!
–Gretchen, Westbrock Design

Thank you so much for everything! I am so happy that your teams were able to get our mailing out in time, especially with all the challenges the printers had this time around!
–Marcie B

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